Everything you always wanted to know about your property taxes, but were afraid to ask!

Do you know what a mill is? Do you know how many mills of real estate taxes you pay to Palmer Township, Northampton County, and the Easton Area School District. Do you know how the assessed value of your house and the millage rates are used to compute your taxes? Everyone pays real estate taxes if they own a property, but most people don't understand how their taxes are computed or how all this jargon about millage and assessed value translates to dollars. Well, read on and hopefully all your questions will be answered.


The word mill means a money amount equal to 1/10 of one cent. One mill is represented in decimal form as .001. Each year the three taxing authorities, the township, the county, and the school district establish the millage rate for the upcoming year. Currently the rates are: Palmer Township - 8.25 mills (.00825), Northampton County - 11.8 mills (.0118), and Easton Area School District - 65.350 (.065350).


Your property values are determined by Northampton County and the assessed value is 50% of the county determined market value. That assessed value is multiplied by the millage rates noted above to determine the amount of tax you owe on your property. The chart below shows the values of three properties, what the assessed value is for each of those properties and the taxes you would pay to each of the three taxing jurisdictions.


County (11.8 Mills)




Palmer (8.25 Mills)




Property Value




Assessed Value




EASD (65.35 Mills)




Okay, now that you understand all the figures, below are some of the services provided from your Palmer Township tax dollars:


Public Works

Winter road maintenance and materials

Road maintenance-crack sealing, asphalt repairs and materials

Storm sewer inlet maintenance

Storm sewer inlet and piping installation

Street sweeping

Tree trimming

Road rebuilding

Asphalt paving overlays and materials

Traffic light maintenance, repairs and utility bills

Street light maintenance, repairs and utility billing

Street and traffic sign materials, maintenance and replacement

Leaf collection

Annual traffic line striping and all intersection markings

Township owned building maintenance



The administration, supervision, and control of all township activities to provide the efficient operation of all township services

Park Department

Maintenance of 14 community parks

Maintenance of 13 tot-lot playgrounds

Maintenance of 7.8 miles of bike path

Maintenance of 20 baseball/softball infields

Maintenance of nine detention basins

Maintenance of three major swales

Maintenance of 11 park pavilions (6 rentals)

Maintenance of eight park bathroom facilities

Light maintenance of six football/soccer/lacrosse fields

Snow removal for nine municipal buildings and parking lots


Planning Department

Administering every aspect of development in the township to insure controlled and planned growth


Recreation Programs

Subsidizing the operation and maintenance of the Charles Chrin Community Center

Subsidizing all Palmer Township Athletic Association youth sports programs

Subsidizing the operation of the Palmer Township municipal pool

Police Department

24 hour, 7 day a week police protection and services to include:

Canine support

Investigative operations

Emergency response team training and operations

Truck safety and weight inspections

Public awareness and safety programs

Participation in drug task force

Community policing/bike patrols


Palmer Township Municipal Volunteer Fire Department

24 hour, 7 day a week fire services and protection


Zoning & Code Department

Licensing of contractors and other businesses

Building codes and zoning ordinance enforcement

Building and zoning permit applications

Building, site, and property use plan reviews

Building inspection

Nuisance complaints

Property maintenance enforcement

Property records and plans management

Administration of construction and zoning appeals

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