Environmental Steering Committee

The Environmental Steering Committee meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM in the Palmer Library.


This Committee was established in the late 1980s to develop the township's recycle program. Since that time they have done a superior job in managing the overall curbside waste pickup and recycle program for the township and its residents. Currently, they have a number of waste and recycling programs that are benefiting the environment and our community.


The Committee is appointed by the Board of Supervisors.  Below is a listing of the members along with their term expiration:


Mr. Tom Dittmar - Chair - Term 12/31/22

Ms. Nancy Nicholas  - Term 12/31/19

Ms. Deanne Werkheiser - Term 12/31/21

Ms. Madison Smith - Term 12/31/20

Ms. Doreen Shaffer - Term 12/31/21

Ms. Ginny Sciorra - Term 12/31/22

Ms. Cindy Oatis, Township Recycling Coordinator/Secretary

Vacancy - Term 12/31/2023


Palmer Receives Recycling Grant Money (updated February 2018)


We have heard the comment "recycling pays" many times in the past. For Palmer Township it pays in many ways. First, we, as residents, are doing our part to reduce the stress on landfills. Second, we are recycling material that can be used again to produce products; and third, we are getting grant money from the Commonwealth to support our recycling programs.


Through the efforts of the Township's Environmental Steering Committee and Recycling Coordinator, the recycling grant money the Township has received since 1991 amounts to $2,814,781.87. This total accounts for the moneys received for both performance and collection equipment grants.


A lot of work goes into the record keeping and grant application writing for both the performance and collection equipment grants. The Township appreciates the Committee's and Coordinator's efforts in this regard.

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