Real Estate Tax

It is the responsibility of the Tax Collector's Office to collect real estate tax for the township and school district. This office is located in the Municipal Building and is under the direction of the elected tax collector Doreen Umholtz. If you have any questions please call the tax office at 610-252-0440.


The real estate tax is as follows:


- Easton Area School District  (fiscal year 2017-2018) - 62.710 Mills per $1000 of property assessment, or a multiplier of 0.062710

- Northampton County (calendar year 2018) - 11.80 Mills per $1000 of property assessment, or a multiplier of 0.01180

- Palmer Township (calendar year 2018) - 8.25 Mills per $1000 of property assessment, or a multiplier of 0.00825


The amount of money you pay in real estate tax is based on two components. (1) The amount your property is assessed by Northampton County, and (2) the tax millage rate. For example, if your property is assessed at $100,000 (normally 1/2 the market value) your tax would be:


Easton Area School District - $100,000 x 0.062710 = $6,271

Northampton County - $100,000 x 0.01180 = $1,180

Palmer Township - $100,000 x 0.00825 = $825


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