Recreation Advisory Board

The Recreation Advisory Board is appointed by the Board of Supervisors and meets the third Tuesday of each month beginning at 7:00 PM at the Charles Chrin Community Center of Palmer Township.


The members of the Board include the following along with their term expiration:


Mr. Thomas Lee, Chair - 12/31/22

Mr. Liam Brohan - Vide-Chair - 12/31/20

Ms. Cheryl Nielsen, Chair - 12/31/21

Mr. Richard (Rick) Bulette - 12/31/21

Mr. Keith Horton - 12/31/20

Ms. Kelly HIggins - 12/31/22

Vacancy - 12/31/23


The Recreation Advisory Board is responsible for managing the funds budgeted for recreational purposes within the township. They also advise the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors on the location of parks within new developments, where required. They coordinate activities with the Palmer Athletic Association. They also coordinate use of the various athletic fields throughout the township.


In Palmer Township there are approximately 525 acres of land (8.7% of the total land in the Township) that is publicly owned. Of that approximately 380 acres are maintained by the Township in a mowed condition and most have some form of athletic facilities. There are currently eleven parks in the Township (see the list below). As identified in the Comprehensive Plan draft, the Township will be encouraging added open space as development continues. The majority of this space would be left in a natural state. For more information on the Palmer Township Park system click here.

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