3 Weller Place,  Palmer, PA 18045 - Northampton County

Telephone - (610) 253-7191 Fax - (610) 253-9957

The operating hours of the Municipal Building are 8:30 AM through 4:30 PM - Monday through Friday

The operating hours for Public Works, Parks Department & Public Services is

7:00 AM to 3:30 PM - Monday through Friday

Township Staff

The administration of the township is under the direction of Mr. Robert Williams who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the township including the development and management of the budget.


Any of the people listed below can be reached by calling the telephone number above or you can click on the underlined name and send them an email.



Robert Williams - Township Manager

Brenda DeGerolamo - Assistant Township Manager

Sheri Young - Finance Director

Stephen Gallagher - Fire Commissioner/Emergency Management Director

Gerri Narsewicz - P.M. Receptionist

Ashley Frank - A.M. Receptionist


Charles Bruno, Esq. - Township Solicitor

The Pidcock Company - Township Engineer


Public Services/Public Works/Parks/Public Utilities

Thomas Adams - Director - Public Services

Ashley Frank - Administrative Assistant to the Director of Public Services

Scott Kistler - Superintendent of Public Works, Parks and Public Utilities

Jamie Paetzell - Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent of Public Works, Parks and Public Utilities

Robert Van Horn - Parks Department Assistant Superintendent


Planning, Zoning and Code Enforcement

Cynthia Carman - Planning Director

Jim Raudenbush - Zoning Administrator/Code Enforcement Officer

Dan Lichtenwalner - Code Enforcement Officer

Kathleen Sciascia - Permits and Planning Coordinator


Utility Billing Office

Valerie Colbeth - Supervisor of Utility Billing

Rose Manento - Cashier



Cindy Oatis - Coordinator


Community Center

Dan McKinney - Director of Parks and Recreation

Brenda Lazarus- Office Manager


Web Site Administration

Robert Lammi - Web design

Brenda DeGerolamo - Critical Document Update



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